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Company Formation in Bulgaria

We strive to provide a professional, fast, efficient and courteous service for all our customers - ACC and team of our business advisers & local accountants offer a wide range of business services in Bulgaria.

Registration of Joint-Stock Company

Authority District Court
Required documents
and procedure
Persons entitled to request registration-only the relevant managing body of the company could request registration in the Commercial register.

Preliminary preparation for the registration procedure:

  • Reservation of company name and obtaining a certificate for uniqueness of the company name
  • Holding a Constitutive Meeting, where the memorandum of association is accepted and the managing bodies are voted. At the meeting all shares of the JSC capital should be subscribed.
  • Founders Contributions, which must be made by the founders-in money or non-cash.
Necessary documents for registration in the Commercial Register:
  • Application signed by all members of the managing body
  • Memorandum of association, accepted on the constitutive meeting
  • Minutes of the constitutive meeting, drawn in compliance with the terms and conditions of art.232 and subsequent from Commercial Law
  • List of the persons, subscribing shares upon the incorporation (founders) attested by the managing body
  • Bank document for pecuniary contributions, installed by the subscribers
  • Written consent with a notary certified signature of the contributor of a non-cash contribution
  • Notary certified signature specimens of the persons, who shall represent the company
  • Founders� declarations (if natural persons) stating that they are not declared insolvent and court certificates for the founders-legal persons are not declared insolvent
  • Declarations of the members of the managing authorities that they agree to become members of the relevant authority
  • Experts� statement duly admitted by the district court if non-cash contributions are made
  • For founder-legal person-registration judgment, certificate for actual status, managing body resolution for participation in the joint-stock company and an express notary certified power of attorney of the person who represents the legal person at the constitutive meeting
  • Receipt for paid state taxes
  • Receipt for paid fee for publishing in the State Gazette
Fees Reservation of company name and obtaining a certificate for uniqueness of the company name - BGN 200; For JSC registration - BGN 400; For registration of banking or insurance JSC - BGN 1,500; For registration of JSC branch - BGN 200; Minimum capital for establishing JSC - BGN 50,000; For publication in the State Gazette - BGN 25
Timeframe Not specified
Legal framework Commercial Law