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Taxes in Bulgaria

Tax name in BG Данък върху добавената стойност ДДС
Tax name in English Value-added tax
Tax in force since 1994/04/01
If abolished, date on which the tax ceases to apply
This file was last updated on 2011/01/12
Legal base Laws on value‑added tax (VAT Law), see Statutory Notice No 63 of 4 August 2006 and No 113 of 28.12.2007, effective 1.01.2008.Amended and supplemented SG No. 106/12.12.2008, effective 1.01.2009,SG No. 12/13.02.2009, effective 13.02.2009. Amended SG No. 23/27.03.2009, effective 1.11.2009,SG No. 74/15.09.2009, effective 15.09.2009. Amended and supplemented SG No. 95/1.12.2009, effective 1.01.2010
Type of tax
Personal income tax
Corporate income tax
Excise duty

Validation of Bulgarian VAT numbers
VAT validation

Who Sets
the tax rate the tax base Reliefs
Central authority
Regional authority
Local authority
Social security
Central authority
Regional authority
Local authority
Social security
Central authority
Regional authority
Local authority
Social security

Region of application
Republic of Bulgaria

Businesses which sell goods or render taxable services. Such businesses are required to register. A registered person is any taxable person who has performed the obligation or exercised the right to register under this Act or has been registered at the initiative of the internal revenue authorities.

Tax object
Shall be levied on: any supply of goods or services with place of implementation on the territory of the country, and implemented by a tax obliged person under this Act, for export transactions executed by a taxable person and importation of goods liability for this tax covers all goods and services, unless exempted.

Basis of assessment
The price charged excluding value-added tax.

Deductions - allowances - tax credits - exemptions
-Land Transactions
-Letting Residential Buildings
-Financial Services
-Insurance and Reinsurance Services
-Social Security and Health Insurance Services
-Hospital and medical services
-Education and Cultural Services
-Privatisation Transactions
-Legal Action to Secure Accounts Receivable
-Betting and Gambling
-Supply of Agricultural Goods or Services
-Supply of Cultural Values and Sale of Tickets
-Supply Related to Metal Scrap

Tax collect
-Registered businesses are required for each tax period to pay to the Treasury the difference between the output tax (tax on the business’ taxable turnover during the period) and the input tax (tax on the business’ purchases of goods and taxable services for the business’ use).
-Each person with taxable turnover of BGN 50,000 or more for a period of not more than the last 12 successive months prior to the current month shall apply for registration within 14 days after the expiration of the tax period, in the course of which this turnover was achieved.
-Each person who does not comply with the conditions for mandatory registration and has a total taxable turnover exceeding BGN 25,000 over a period of not more than the last 12 successive months prior to the current month, shall be entitled to registration.

Economic function

Special features
The tax due on imported goods is paid together with the business’ other value added tax.

Tax revenue

Bulgaria: VAT revenue 2000 - 2008

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